Private Equity

Private Equity firms have significant liquidity available and are actively looking to invest in growing companies.

Private Equity has been transforming the landscape of corporate ownership around the world. These firms collectively manage trillions of dollars and have the ability to provide growth, acquisition and recapitalization capital into businesses to support their existing entrepreneurs and family owners and improve finical results and prospects of these companies with a focus on value creation.

Capital Merger Group has an extensive and long-standing relationship with Private Equity Groups as well as other Capital Sources throughout the globe. This network is built on trust, integrity and our deep knowledge and expertise in business that has developed over many years of transactions and deals.

Discover how we can help you gain perspective on issues and trends affecting the private equity industry, including:

  • Creating value in Private Equity investments-Those companies able to demonstrate a consistent track record in creating value in their portfolio — which translates into best-in-class realized returns —should be well positioned to attract fresh capital.
  • Private Equity opportunities in emerging markets.

Capital Merger Group main focus is connecting high quality local operating businesses with global capital sources on highly profitable off market investment opportunities with a focus on value creation.

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